Thursday, 4 June 2015

Farewell, my friend.

We were so young and free when we met. You've always been good to me, treat me like a lil girl. I'm still feeling pampered whenever we hang out thou we do not meet so often. I remember that I cried for you when you went studying abroad, silly girl. I remember the good and bad times we had. I'm so glad that, after everything we have been through, we are still, friend :)

Now you gonna leave again, I'm a lil sad about it, but I'm happier for you for your better future.  Come to think of it, everything gonna change after you come back, I dunno how long our friendship could last, I mean, we might not be able to contact each other like this anymore, even though we did not contact often either, but you'll always remain an important friend to me.

Well, I can only give you a big hug here, all the best, my dear friend :')

I must admit that you're now taking better pic :p

Till we meet again :)

Sunday, 31 May 2015


Thought my lungs and bronchus are getting stronger this time, but yea clearly I'm overestimated myself again, finally willing to drag myself to see Dr after four days of vain hope of self recovery. :(

More meds and nebuliser taken due to the delay. Lesson learnt, sobs. I promise I'll see Dr asap if it relapses again, sobs. 

V said I need someone to take care of me, especially when I'm sick like this. I smile, it makes me think of you, that you'd pat my back whenever I'm having severe cough till I stop and continue to sleep. I'm not too sure whether I've missed you or I'm just missed having someone like you by my side to ease my discomfort everytime I'm woken by cough. 

Seriously I can cough till muscle pain, aiks.

Get well soon you weak girl!


Tuesday, 5 May 2015

First of May,

I have this love-hate relationship with long weekend holiday. Everyone is cuti-cuti Malaysia-ing making the road freaking jam and long queue everywhere, yet it's the only time for the family to do short trip like this. :3

Day 1: KL - Teluk Intan - Bidor - Ipoh

We took 4 hours to reach our first destination. Honestly nothing much to see at Teluk Intan except the Leaning Tower but they do have some nice local food, one of them is the famous Liew Kee chee cheong fun - I must say it's really delish! Not the common chee cheong fun we have at KL. Beside that we also accidentally bump into this stall name Do Re Mi @ Glutton Square, which offers really nice Ice Kacang - my personal fav is the one with melon flavour, perfect remedy for this hot weather :) Well, we did stop by Bidor for their famous duck noodles but it's sold out - it's alright I do not take duck nor noodles :p

 These pretty sum up thing to see & eat at Teluk Intan.

Day 2: Ipoh - Cameron Highland

We stayed at Ipoh for a night. Morning went for dim sum @ Foh San Restaurant - everyone gonna wait and find your own table and it took us around 30mins to sit and then queue again for the dim sum. Dim sums are average with varieties but siu mai isn't so impressive, worth trying but without this long-waiting time. After that we went for Ipoh white coffee @ Sin Yoon Loong - parents' preference, a lil too sweet for me thou, shall order less sweet next time, they do serve nice caramel custard pudding too, yums. After filling the stomach we visited the new (actually for sometimes ady) wall art mural by Ernest Zacharevic - there are seven of them, I'm still amazed how could he made the mural so 3D-ish. It started to rain right after we visited the last mural - perfect timing, we headed to one of the it-cafe at town - Burps & Giggles for some coffee chilling time - I like the interior of the cafe, basically every corner can be your selfie corner :D

We took some really nice pictures at the old town :)

Day 3: Cameron Highland - Ipoh - KL

The journey to Brinchang is terrible, jam at Cameron is unavoidable as there is only one main road and to make it worse, all the markets & place to visit are located right beside the main road. By the time we reached the town it's ady midnight. Luckily we still manage to have steamboat to comfort the stomach - soup is average but vege is really fresh here, anyway having hot soup in such a cooling weather is still a bliss :) It's a sunny morning on the next day, weather still a lil chillin and we love it. We bought lotsa strawberries and vege and flowers at the market. Still lotsa people visiting Cameron as the next day still holiday - luckily we're leaving, I can foresee that the jam can only be worse than last night :/ We went for tea before leaving - we were lucky enough to have a really good view table this time - I'm happy girl. And yea we even found the worker's cafe at the tea plantation - the pakcik is really friendly chitchatting with us about the massive jam but the teh he made is really.... way toooo sweet lar! It started to drizzle again when we left, the road downhill was so foggy that some people even stop the car at the side of the road just to take pic. We went to Ipoh for dinner before heading home. It's still crowded everywhere and even the highway also partly jam. Overall it's still nice to spend some times with the family, and the sweetest thing is - Genie's waiting by the door when we reached home :)

The left bottom pic doesn't look like cameron isn't it :p

Well, holiday's over and I'm looking forward for the next, opps, I mean I'll start the engine to study now :D 

Self grounded at home so I'm so free to write this post :/

Till then.

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Day by day,

Colleagues are envy that I could work half day and gonna start the study break soon. I'm grateful too, honestly, that I could stop working for months, that I do not have to wake up early in the morning and face the stressful files and clients, for months. Not that I dislike my job, just some times I'd feel like having a break from them. But deep down in my heart, the fear is spreading, as the day gone by. Am I making the right decision? Why would I take the risk again? Am I gonna make it this time? Can I still back out before I register for the exam again?

Too many questions on my mind. 

Now I feel alone.

Friday, 9 January 2015




我们还是比较适合冬天、 对不?

p/s: 我想我有那么一点想念你 :)

Friday, 19 December 2014

Unexpected tears,

perhaps the memories are too perfect and wonderful,
and deep down in your heart, 
you know that it'd be a wishful thinking of the same to be happened twice.

It's been awhile, isn't it.

Sunday, 26 October 2014


It's kinda difficult to resume writing again after stopping for so long.

I no longer have the spare time to sit in front of my mac. As usual, working occupied most of my time, but now I'm aiming to off work on time everyday so I could have more time to do my own stuff after work :) I've decided to get into swimming again, colleagues are supportive and the pool is near, I can just throw myself into the water right after work, one of the best way to relieve the stress at work. Technically I can swim, and now I manage to breathe while swimming, hence my new aim is to swim one lap without stopping. Hopefully my weak bronchi and lungs would be better after this.

Well, I'm picking up a new language as well. I always wanted to learn an extra language and finally I'm doing it. I'm still a beginner tho, so I can't show you off with my new language yet, please wait till the day I could write this whole post in Korean words :D

It seems like too many things happened in these few months and.. I just dunno what should I write. As the time goes by, I'm becoming lazier to talk, maybe just towards new friends. Not that I am secretive, just that I don't really have the interest to talk anymore. To make it worse, my dear got transfer to Temerloh starting September and my sis gotta work at S'pore now. My two best girlfriends that I used to talk to, left. Okay it's not that bad, dear still come back every weekend and everytime sis flying back she will deffo look for me. However, no more afterwork chillin time, shopping and movie kaki for the weekdays which we used to, is SAD :( I can't complain much tho, they are working their ass off work for the living (oh pardon me), I am just... missing my bestie, very much.

Wow, it's been some time for me to write such a long post - remind me how lazy I am. Should be more hardworking next time, oppps.

Till then,

Monday, 30 June 2014

Currently listening,

十四年前 我听孙燕姿
十四年后 我依然听者孙燕姿


Girl being girl.

I just wanna stay emo for a day, only a day.


Friday, 13 June 2014

Time to wake up,

It's been months since I last blog, to really sit in front of mac to surf the net and write. Life's busy, but my time management just gettin worse as time goes by. Not to sure whether the laziness or procrastination is my biggest weakness. Less than a month now to the exam, I'm not ready for it as usual.  Attempt to wake up early sleep early and study but failed totally, seems like I really could not become a mornin person, aiks :(

Shall back to study now, (and maybe i can watch the world cup at the same time, oppps :p)

till then.

p/s: STUDY!